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Becoming a Professional Soccer Player (The Business Side of Pro Soccer)

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Hello everyone and welcome to Footballers Advice!

In today’s video I wanted to talk about why you need to treat your soccer/football career like a job and not a hobby. Professional Soccer/ football is a business. Once you realize this, you will be better equipped to understand how the industry works and how to put yourself in a position to succeed.

If you were to apply for a job, your employer would want you to send them a resume and a portfolio of the prior work you have done in the past. Your soccer resume is a list of the prior teams you have played for with other information that is specific to you as a player. Along with your resume, your portfolio as a soccer player is your highlight video.

This is why I tell players that in order for professional teams to take you seriously, you at the very least need to have a resume and highlight video.

This transitions to another topic that is very important, networking. Just like in business, the contacts you have is what allows you to move forward and find opportunities. It’s no different in the soccer industry. The more people you know in the industry whether it be professional coaches, general managers, presidents, owners, players or agents the more likely it will be for you to get a trial with a professional team.

The more people you can connect with who can help you out could be the difference between you having an opportunity to trial with a team or not. Having someone that can give a good recommendation to other agents or individuals within a club is beneficial to help you get that opportunity. Notice though how I said someone and not specifically an agent.

You do not need an agent to get connected to different club teams. All you need is a person who is respected by clubs to recommend that they take a look at you. This can be an agent or any other trusted individual. An agent is merely someone that a club trusts to recommend players to them.

Not everyone who has the ability to play at the professional level does.

Like businesses, clubs are limited to what they can do based on their budget. With these restrictions clubs will try and find the best players that they can afford.

This includes negotiating with players on their salary and other financial decisions. Clubs are also limited to the number of players that they can sign and how many foreign roster spots they have.
In some countries, having a foreign player costs three times the amount you would pay a domestic player. So already having a foreign player on their team is a luxury not every team can afford.
So even though you have the ability, sometimes it comes down to being at the right place at the right time.

Soccer is a business and you should treat it like one. This isn’t to say that you can’t have fun or enjoy the game but you need put into perspective what playing professional means.
————————————————————————————————————Footballers Advice is a resource for soccer (football) players to educate themselves on and off the field of what it takes to become a professional soccer player. Whether you are just learning how to play or looking to play after your college career, Footballers Advice is here to provide the tools players need to reach the next level.

Footballers Advice was created by Michael Galullo, who, after graduating from college had no opportunities to continue his playing career in the United States. Still believing in his dream of becoming a professional soccer player, he went to Europe and knocked on doors to create his own opportunity.

The videos created are from Michael’s experience of playing soccer (football) overseas and the advice he wished he could have received from someone else. The videos in this channel cover a wide range of topics from tutorials on skill moves to travelling advice and interviews from other professional soccer players.

Footballers Advice is a platform for other players who don’t have the resources or connections to break into the professional game.

My goal is to give you those resources you need in order to reach your dream.

Thank you and I look forward to starting this journey with you.

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